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James Hunter

James C. Hunter started out as a rapper, and was enveloped by violence for most of his young life. After getting paralyzed, he moved from New York to Florida and attained his BA in Film and MBA in Business. His goal is to show people that through God anything is possible.

His first feature film, The Breaking Point was given an international distribution deal in 2015, and was picked up in Australia, and by Walmart in Canada, Pay-Per-View in China, DVD in New Zealand and Pay-Per-View in South Africa. It was also given a Cable VOD deal in America where it was also available on-demand on cable and satellite outlets in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Guam, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

James was also nominated for six awards at the 2017 WideScreen Film Festival for a feature film he recently directed titled, “The Turnaround”, which won awards at that film festival for Best Film and Best Score, and was recently picked up by ChristianCinema.com,  PureFlix.com where it has had over 5 million views. Also, it is currently available on Amazon Instant Video and on Amazon Prime.

Vice President 
  Milton Dorta


Milton Dorta is the Co-Producer of The Season Movie, which recently won the Grand Jury Prize award at the 2018 Orlando Urban Film Festival, was selected as a Best Dramatic Short finalist at the 2018 Central Florida Film Festival. 

Milton is also one of the Executive Producers of The Turnaround Movie, which has won awards at several film festivals including,  Best Film and Best Score, and was recently picked up by ChristianCinema and PureFlix, where it has been seen more than 5 million times.

Milton has served three years in the Marine Corps worked 30 years for the Federal government and is now retired.

His addition to the 1st Dibz Team brings a lot of insight and resources.

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