1st Dibz Films was established with the need to create a distribution business       model that works for filmmakers. The President James Hunter has spent the           last decade producing, directing, and editing films. During Mr. Hunter’s                  filmmaking experience he embarked on the responsibility of distributing his own  movies. Through trial and error, and trusting in other distributing  companies he  quickly learned that the industry had far and few companies  that would  represent his films accordingly, without demanding all rights and  with very little  or no financial return for the filmmakers.


 1st Dibz Films’ mission is to change how distribution is done in the filmmaking  industry. As pioneers that have a passion for empowering filmmakers, our 1st  Dibz team has developed a business model that is built around fairness.


 1st Dibz Films has worked hard to build the many relationships across various  platforms that we have acquired. We also offer a guideline for presenting films  to social media, film consultation, assistance in red carpet premieres and at-l  large dvd distribution of your movie.

 "Our core value is fairness. We bring to you a business model that works,  because when you are successful, we are successful!"  



  James Hunter

A business model that works

Film Distribution



 1st Dibz Films distributes movies across various platforms in the USA and Canada. We have relationships with Cable VOD, Amazon Prime and Instant Video, Hulu, Netfix, Pureflix, iTunes, Google play, Vudu and many more streaming platforms.

Film Projects


1st Dibz Films' priority is to help independent filmmakers arrange and organize their red carpet theatrical movie premieres in several cities, and to manufacture and distribute high quality dvds.


1st Dibz Films, is all about the people, the film and the revenue. Merchandise from various films can be obtained. 



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